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What do a Psychologists or Counsellor DO EXACTLY!!

Psychologists and Counsellors are able to help young people with a whole bunch of things for a whole bunch of reasons. Their main job is to help you start to feel better. These are some ideas of why someone would see a Psychologists or Counsellor;

Are you feeling sad more than you feel happy?
Are you anxious – do you know what anxiety really is?
Are you angry more than you are happy and are not really sure why?
Do you worry (or think lots and lots) about something and it gets so big and strong that it stops you doing things you would normally do? Like hand out with your friends.
Do you fight pretty much alllllll the time with your parents and siblings?
Do you get irritated really quickly and it seems worse when you are at home?
Do you have trouble concentrating at school?
Do you get really confused and scared about what you are going to do in your future?
Do you worry (or think lots and lots) about not doing well at school and get scared about what will happen to you?
Do you have trouble ‘fitting in’ with your friends?
Do you feel like no one really understands what is going on for you?
Do you struggle with how you look and feel about yourself?
Are you constantly thinking about what others think of you?
Are your parents breaking up and you don’t know what to do or who to talk to about it?
Some Young people are also victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. That is not too big for us and we can help you.

You name it we have heard it and helped kids through it. Whether it’s about you personally, your friends, your family, or your future we can help you understand it and feel better. At least 1 in 7 young people have these kinds of worries & problems, so you are not alone!

HOW can Psychologists or Counsellor make me feel better if or no one else can! Including me!

We have lots and lots of experience and have helped lots and lots of kids just like you. You would be surprised at how many kids feel exactly the same with nearly exactly the same kinds of problems. Your Psychologists or Counsellor can help you to start to feel better if any of these issues are happening to you by giving you tools and strategies to start to change what is going on.
What happens when you see a psychologist?

What do I do when I get there?

Remember it’s Our job to make you feel comfortable so on your first visit, we will just want to chat and get to know you, who you really are what you really want and what has been bugging you. Your Job is to be open and get to know us as well….it’s just plain weird otherwise and no one feels comfortable.
Our Job is to make you feel comfortable and safe which means you are in charge, if you don’t feel like talking about something guess what…we won’t!  Sometimes you can have your parent come in sometimes not and that is also OK. If you just want to talk to us yourself parents stay out. You can have a parent/carer come in with you if this helps you to feel more comfortable.

The best part is whatever you say to us stays with us. The only time that will be different is if we are worried about You or someone you love. We will always talk to you about this first though so your confidence in us is not broken.

DO I go more than once?

Most of the time Yes. After the first visit a plan will be organised with you and we will work on solving whatever problem has been agreed too together to help you to start to feel better. You might have regular appointments over a number of weeks. Sometimes you might have to set goals or keep a track of your feelings between visits (we will teach you first how to do this).

Sometimes young people think that getting help is crazy or weird but it’s the opposite. Imagine if you broke your arm you would expect that a professional like a doctor would help you to heal your arm (x-ray it, put it in a cast, check it after a few weeks, remove it, etc.) Your mental health is no different everyone has problems from time to time, and it's smart to take charge and work them out.
It’s really really important that you feel good with your Psychologists or Counsellor and it’s OK to try a few before you find the right fit with one. If you don't believe you can work with a Psychologists or Counsellor, tell them so that they can help you find someone who is better to work with for you.

Still unsure? Why not give us a quick call and have a chat on (07) 5520 7705.

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